Founded in 2008, the seven-piece Atlantic City Jazz Band specializes in the music that swept the nation when the first jazz recordings were issued in 1917. The members are seasoned players who love the traditional style and deliver it in an energetic fashion. But their repertoire goes well beyond that, featuring the prime output of the skilled Tin Pan Alley composers who dominated music from the "teens" through the 1920s-1930s and beyond. Their zesty, spirited instrumentals are punctuated by an occasional vocal to capitalize upon the catchy lyrics of the period. You are likely to hear a wide range of songs, including pieces as old as Scott Joplin and Jelly Roll Morton rags as well as pop tunes of the jazz era by George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen, and Johnny Mercer.

The band's first CD (Making Waves) continues to be popular among traditional jazz fans, who are anxiously anticipating the release of an upcoming recording.

While the band has toured Italy several times, on the home front it has become a fixture on the traditional jazz scene in the tri-state area, including concerts for area jazz societies,  festivals,  Mardi Gras events, Oktoberfests (yes, we do polkas!), New Orleans-style parades and "Jazz Funerals,"  Gatsby-themed events, Roaring 20s- style dances, swing dances, cocktail parties, birthday parties, backyard barbecues, 4th of July parades, and other events.